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For 206 starts, Fireball:
Finished First 33 times, 16% of the time!

Finished in the Top Five an amazing 93 times, or 45% of the time!
Finished in the Top Ten an incredible 122 times, 59% of the time!

Fireball Set Over 400 Records!

Here's some interesting Fireball Stats:  All His Race Car Numbers
Though Fireball is most known for his famous number 22, he ran under several different car numbers over the years, primarily because of driving for so many owners. Car owners owned the numbers, not the drivers, just as it is today in NASCAR.

What do the numbers 3, 12, 22, 71, 75 Mean to Fireball? There are all of the car numbers he won with in NASCAR competition! There were other numbers from his Modified and Sports Car Racing that he won with, including some numbers below.

NASCAR Grand National Winning Car Numbers

# Ran Owner Car Year
M-1 Fish Carburetor (Bob Fish) Buick 1955, 1958
3 Jim Stephens Pontiac 1959
6 Cotton Owens Pontiac 1961
7 Buck Baker Chevrolet 1957
11 Jim Davies (Daytona Beach) Hudson 1950
11 Sam Rice Olds 1950-51
11 Saverance Motors (Ed Saverance) Ford 1951-52-53
11 Paul Spaulding Ford 1957
11 Fireball Roberts Ford 1957
12 DePaolo Engineering (Pete DePaolo) Ford 1956
16 Bill Snowden (Atlanta) Hudson 1952
18 Bud Moore Pontiac 1961
22 DePaolo Engineering (Pete Depaolo) Ford 1956-57
22 Fireball Roberts Ford 1957
22 Frank Strickland Chevrolet 1957-58
22 John Hines Pontiac 1960
22 Jim Stephens Pontiac 1960-62
22 Holly Farms (Rex Lovette) Pontiac 1961
22 Smokey Yunick Pontiac 1961-62
22 Banjo Matthews Pontiac 1962-63
22 Holman-Moody Ford 1963-64
25 Leland Colvin Olds 1954
34 Dick Beaty Ford 1957
48 E.C. Wilson Chevrolet 1959
51 (Langhorn) Ford 1950
59 B.J. Holloway Pontiac 1961
71 Sam Rice Olds 1950
75 Smokey Yunick Pontiac 1961
75 J.D. Braswell Pontiac 1961
82 Sam Rice Olds 1950
85 (Daytona on Beach) Plymouth 1951
88 Buck Baker Chevrolet 1959
88 Lynton Tyson Chevrolet 1959
127 Holly Farms (Rex Lovette) Pontiac 1961
494 Beau Morgan Ford 1958

RED= Owners Won With
Yellow Box= Numbers Won With
Special Thanks to Racing-Reference.com for some statistics.

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