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3/21/06: Another "Fireball"?

12/26/05: New Page: Daytona 1955 - Check it Out!

This is probably one of the most well-written, comprehensive, news feature articles on Fireball in some time. Many thanks to the Daytona Beach News-Journal and writers --Godwin Kelly--Ken Willis--D.C. Williams

'Fireball' Roberts was Daytona Beach's racing hero
What appears to have made a household name of Edward Glenn Roberts was a combination of things adding up to one big colorful package.
Mentors, friends helped launch career
Edward Glenn Roberts did not grow up in a racing family.
Crash just start of Roberts' final struggle
When Edward Glenn "Fireball" Roberts crashed on May 24, 1964, it wasn't a routine racing accident but a horrifying nightmare which lasted more than a month.
Fireball had big plans
The tragedy surrounding Fireball Roberts' 1964 death is made worse when considering he was just two races away from retirement.
Inner circle was small, loyal
Edward Glenn "Fireball" Roberts had a celebrity standing and was known throughout the country as one of NASCAR's top racers.
Today's drivers know about Fireball
"Fightin' in the mud, the blood and the beer."
Fireball's racing smarts pushes him to top
Given the differences in equipment, tracks and competition from one era to the next, it's impossible for any racing expert to compile a definitive list of the top all-time drivers.
Mr. Roberts' neighborhood
Fireball Roberts had a deep connection to the Daytona Beach area - beyond racing.

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